Voyage en Finlande


A contest : “I wish I was in Finland”, was organized by the Finnish tourist board

The theme was “I wish I was in Finland” and participants had to send a picture in order to get in the contest. User votes (almost) did the rest, as a final draw was made between the 10 finalists.
Last summer, I made a picture of my nefew on a beach in Oléron (a french island). He gazes at the sea, lost in his thoughts. He seems melancholic, so the picture was perfect for this contest. Just so you know, he was just one year and a half when I took the picture, he’s so cute, and he always is happy (so not at all sad as one could think seeing the picture). But anyway, I imagine he really could have wished he was in Finland :-)

Just a few days after the end of the contest, I receive a mail from Lea Ololube from, telling me I’m the lucky winner of this great contest, and so that I’m going to go to Finland with the person of my choice, when I want to in 2010, to experience one of the three proposed themes : “Wild and Free”, “Silence Please”, or “Urban Beat”.
I had to read the email some times over to be sure I wasn’t dreaming. I called my girlfriend (that I would logically choose to accompany me), and whe was actually so overwhelmed that she was crying on the phone. And it’s understandable : the trip for two was valued for up to €6000 !
In just a word, un-be-lie-va-ble. A contest with a incredible price, and I win it. Just too darn difficult to believe it before really being there.

The theme was very easy for me to choose : Wild and Free. I wanted to live something different, and in my imagination Finland is still synonymous with winter, husky sleighs, reindeers, and of course with Santa-Claus :-)

Many emails with Lea followed to organize our fabulous trip. After looking for lots of informations about the country, I wrote down many ideas about what to do, what to see. Then I realised the luck I had to have won this prize.
Here goes the story of a week spent dreaming.

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